The WeTeach_CS Collaboratives are comprised of 31 projects across the state of Texas, including institutions of higher education, educational service centers (ESCs), local education agencies, and nonprofit entities.

Goals and Outcomes

  • Increase the number of certified Computer Science teachers in Texas
  • Increase the number of high schools that offer Computer Science
  • Increase the computer science content, pedagogical, and equity knowledge for PK-12 teachers.
  • Create a strong community of Computer Science with PK-12 teachers, administrators, university faculty, and business / industry partners.

Activities and Benefits

  • Each Collaborative must serve a minimum of ten teachers. Each teacher must have a professional development plan to earn at least 60 hours of Computer Science training.
  • Collaboratives must have a plan to offer at least 60 hours of Computer Science Professional Development. This can be a combination of online and face-to-face and may include WeTeach_CS statewide training and events such as the WeTeach CS Summit, AP CS Principles Mini-Conference, or WeTeach_CS certification preparation (online of face-to-face workshops).
  • A minimum of five teachers must actively pursue certification to teach Computer Science 8-12.
  • Instructional teams for each Collaborative must includes a computer science professor.
  • Collaborative teacher participants increase their content knowledge and pedagogical skills through research-based instruction and are provided opportunities to network with other computer science teachers from across the state.

2017 WeTeach_CS Collaborative Results

In 2017, 29 WeTeach_CS Collaboratives combined to train over 600 teachers, representing 640 campuses in 283 Texas school districts. Collaborative participants received over 2,335 contact hours in total or an average of 68 contact hours per teacher.