New Software Modules Available#

Amber 11 is now available to users on Lonestar. Amber 11 is the latest release of the Amber software suite and offers a number of significant improvements including new force fields and simplified methods of free energy calculations. Additional molecular dynamics and genomics modules will become available in the coming weeks.

TACC UTRC Liaison Working with Houston, Dallas, San Antonio Investigators#

TACC's UTRC Computational Biology Liaisons has been actively working with researchers in Houston, Galveston, San Antonio and Dallas. John Fonner, based in Austin, is focused on helping and has visited with investigators at UTSW, UTSA, UTHSC- SA, UTMB, MD Anderson and UT Health. Fonner is available to assist researchers needing expertise in running their codes on TACC systems. He can be reached at mailto:jfonner@tacc.utexas.edu.

TACC Assists UTSA with new Vis Wall#

The University of Texas at San Antonio held an open house on May 17th, 2011, for the newly established Advanced Visualization Lab (link to http://vizlab.utsa.edu/), which is sponsored by National Science Foundation. The lab is anchored by a 14.5 foot wide by 6 foot tall visualization wall (Vis-Wall), a 98 Mpixel tiled display of two dozen 30” Dell Precision T7500 monitors. A high-performance computing cluster, comprised of 12 high-speed graphics-enhanced LINUX workstations comprising 144 CPUs and 24 Quadro 4800 graphic cards, drives the Vis-Wall. As a core facility at UTSA, it is the only visualization laboratory in Texas to feature the Quaser HD2, a high definition haptic device with touch and fell for virtual models generated by computer simulations. An 82” three-dimensional stereoscopic television monitor enhances research conducted on the haptic device. Dr. Yusheng Feng, the principal investigator (PI) of this project, will serve as the founding director. The lab will be co-directed by Dr. Harry Millwater, who is one of the co-principal investigators. Other co-PIs are Drs. Brent Novak, Ruyan Guo, and Heather Shipley.

Excerpt from Dr Feng's Letter to TACC:

I would like to thank you for your help from the beginning when we started to write the proposal. I am also very grateful to have TACC behind us so we can learn what you already learned. Now, we have a system up. Harry and I are thinking ahead on how to collaborate more with TACC. What we can bring to the table is that we are so close with a medical center for one. Also, we have a large population of minority students at UTSA, who UT can leverage as a target for outreach. Again, our deep appreciation. Yusheng

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