Visualization Laboratory (Vislab)

Advanced visualization resources & consulting services to support world-class research

TECHNOLOGY | A state-of-the-art facility where staff explores the intersection between human perception and large-scale visual analysis through the study of visualization and interactive displays. The Vislab serves as a research hub for human-computer interaction, tiled display software development, and visualization consulting.

SCIENCE | The main goal of this facility is to support the world-class research being conducted at The University of Texas at Austin. The Vislab has users from several departments at the university. For more information and to explore the how the Vislab has enabled discoveries, check out our projects page.

USAGE | The Vislab offers opportunities to UT faculty, staff and students to use visualization, interaction and computational resources for the exploration and presentation of data. We invite you to explore the facility and envision how this interactive, high performance visualization space can transform your research and events.


TACC employs a staff of UT Austin students to serve as proctors for visitors and tours, and assist with TACC visualization research projects. Their majors vary and the job provides unique experience in teamwork as well as public speaking confidence. Prior experience in visualization is not necessary and interested parties should contact the VisLab manager for more information.


Systems, Resources & Experimental Technologies



Stallion is a high resolution tiled-display. The cluster provides users with the ability to perform visualizations on a 6x3 tiled display of Samsung 65" 8K QLED tv's resulting in a ~30 foot wide display with an aggregate resolution of 597 megapixels.

This configuration allows for visualizations at an extremely high level of detail and quality compared to a typical moderate pixel count projector.

With software developed by TACC staff, the cluster provides over 74GB of graphics memory, 1.28TB of system memory, 19TB aggregate local disk storage, and 232 processing cores.


Multi-touch Display

Lasso is a 10 foot wide multi-touch display of 12.4 megapixels (5760x2160), consisting of (6) 46" monitors in a 3x2 grid configuration driven by AMD Eyefinity technology. The display's most prominent feature is the PQ Labs 32-point multi-touch infrared perimeter, allowing seamless multi-touch across the display surface. Lasso is also augmented with a Microsoft Kinect for touch-less interaction.


Sony 9M Pixel Projection System

20 ft. x 11 ft. screen provides 4096 x 2160 resolutiony, driven by a Sony SRX-S105 overhead projector. The projector gives exceptional brightness and a high resolution, 9M pixel viewing area. In addition, it is configurable to accept inputs from up to four simultaneous video sources, and with seating for 36, is ideal for ultra-high-resolution visualizations and presentations.


Collaboration/Conference Room

Saddle offers a Full HD projector covering a 16' X 9 area with a range of input combinations and seating for ten. Ideal for event break-out sessions, meetings with small groups, and presentations with remote participants easily included. The projector can be driven by user's laptops, or the provided Mac Mini.

Oculus Rift/VIVE

Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift



Augmented Reality

Microsoft Hololens

Vislab Staff

Director of Visualization: Paul Navratil

Visualization Production and Laboratory Coordinator: Greg Foss
Laboratory Technology Lead: Andrew Solis

Additional Vislab Info

TACC's Vislab is located on the main campus in the Peter O'Donnell Building for Applied Computational Engineering and Sciences (POB), Room 2.404a. The POB is located on the Southeast corner of Speedway and 24th Street (201 East 24th Street).

To schedule a tour of the Vislab, please visit the Tours Page.