328 Megapixel Tiled-Display

The Stallion system is one of the world's highest resolution tiled-displays. The cluster provides users with the ability to perform visualizations on a large 16x5 tiled display of Dell 30-inch flat panel monitors: an aggregate resolution of 328 megapixels. This configuration allows for an exploration of visualizations at an extremely high level of detail and quality compared to a typical moderate pixel count projector. Software developed by TACC staff, such as DisplayCluster and MostPixelsEver: Cluster Edition allow the distributed display to be controlled easily. The cluster allows users access to over 82GB of graphics memory, 1.4TB of system memory, 21TB aggregate local disk storage, and 256 processing cores. This configuration enables the processing of datasets at massive scale, and the interactive visualization of substantial geometries. A large, shared file system is available to enable the storage of terascale size datasets.

 Stallion User Guide

For more information about development, read Stallion's White Paper: A Practical Guide to Large Tiled Displays.

  Head Node Render Nodes
Operating System: CentOS 6 CentOS 6
Number of Monitors: 80 Dell Widescreen LCD 328 Mpixel (40,960x8000) resolution
Number of Processors: 2 X 8-core Intel Sandy Bridge 2687W @ 3.1 GHz 40 X 6-core Intel Sandy Bridge 2667W @ 2.9 GHz
Total Memory: 128GB of RAM 64GB Per Node (1.28TB Aggregate)
Total Disk: 1TB 1TB Per Node (20TB Aggregate)
Graphics: nVidia Quadro K5000 40 nVidia Quadro K5000
Network Filesystem: Dell PowerVault NX3100; 36TB Disk Space  

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