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Mustang, Horseshoes, zSpace

Mustang: Stereoscopic 3D Visualization System

The Mustang stereoscopic visualization system uses active stereoscopic technology to provide enhanced capabilities in a portable form-factor. The system can be located anywhere in the laboratory, where it can be used for presentation, research, and development.

 Mustang User Guide

Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, CentOS 6
Number of Processors: 2 Intel 6-core Sandy Bridge 2667W @ 2.9 GHz
System Memory: 128GB of RAM
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro 6000 with 6GB texture memory
Total Disk: 1TB local disk
Stereoscopic 3D System: Active shutter glasses
Screen: 55" Samsung D7000 LED display 1080P

Horseshoes: Workstations

Four high-end workstations are available in the lab for use in graphics production, visualization, and video editing. Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems are available on the workstations. Horseshoe configurations follow.

 Horseshoes User Guide

Horseshoe1: Windows 7 SP1; CentOS 6
2 Intel 6-core Sandy Bridge 2667W @ 2.9 GHz
128GB of RAM
1TB local disk
NVIDIA Quadro 6000 Graphics Card
Dual 30" LCD Monitors (2560X1600)
Horseshoe2: Mac OSX Yosemite
2 Intel Xeon 2.26 GHz quad-core processors (8 cores total)
32 GB of RAM
1 TB local disk
ATI Radeon 4870 graphics card
Dual 30" LCD Monitors (2560X1600)
Horseshoe 3, 4: Windows 7 SP1; CentOS 6
2 Intel 6-core Sandy Bridge 2667W @ 2.9 GHz
128GB of RAM
1TB local disk
AMD Radeon HD 7970
Dual 30" LCD Monitors (2560X1600)


zSpace is a stereoscopic virtual-holographic display that allows users to manipulate simulated objects in an immersive, interactive 3D environment. The zSpace workstation is powered by an NVidia Quadro 6000 and includes Unity3D Pro and AutoDesk Maya.

Display 24 inch HD LCD (1080p120Hz) with built-in tracking sensors
StereoTechnology Polarized passive 3D eyewear
Stylus Laser stylus with 3-buttons and integrated infrared LED
Head-Tracking Yes