Vislab Proctors

The Vislab Magicians

Left to right: Siddhant Pandit, Claire Fitch, Nitesh Kartha, Carlos Miranda, Jan Rubio, Ravi Akalkotkar, Anya Uwakwe

Ravi Akalkotkar

My name is Ravi Akalkotkar and I am a 3rd year from San Antonio, Texas. I'm majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering, focusing primarily on software. This is my first year at the Visualization Lab and I'm looking forward to working on their projects!

Claire Fitch

Hi! I'm a PhD student in the department of Geography and the Environment. In my work, I apply a spatial lens to the study of virtual reality (VR) environments. I am particularly interested in the way human-environment relationships are experienced in VR. At the TACC Data Visualization Lab I research immersive multi-sensory visualizations of climate science data.

Nitesh Kartha

I am a 5-Year Master's Student in the Department of Computer Science, interested in Cryptography, Security, and Privacy. Currently, I am helping Paul Navrátil and the Information Security Office work on anonymizing networking data for use in security research as well as assisting proctors and Greg with the visualization lab. This is my 4th year working at the TACC Visualization lab and I can't wait to help researchers again in person this year!

Carlos Miranda

Hello! I'm a junior attending UT Austin as an Undeclared major. While I do not have a major, I like to study everything related to computers whenever I'm not running a marathon or climbing a tree. My current plans are to get the most out of my computer science and engineering classes, expanding my knowledge in both software and hardware. I am no stranger to the Visualization Lab but I am delighted to finally have the opportunity of being a proctor.

Siddhant Pandit

Hey! My name is Siddhant Pandit, and I'm a 2nd-year Electrical and Computer Engineering major from Houston, TX. This will be my first year working at the TACC visualization lab, and I can't wait to get started! My interests in ECE are VR, augmented reality, embedded systems, and software programming. While researching here, I hope to learn more about these topics while exposing myself to new fields.

Jan Rubio

I am a junior majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus in Software. It is my 3rd year working for the Visualizations Lab and have previously worked in linux directory organization, The Explore UT Waller Creek Project, Visualizations Lab 360 Virtual Tour, and Translation. My plans these year are to expand my field of knowledge in computer science, hardware, and software development in regards to visualization. I am Excited for another year here at the University of Texas at Austin.

Anya Uwakwe

My name is Anya and I am a 4th year Computer Science major from Houston, TX. This is my 3rd year working with the TACC Data Visualization Lab, where I spend most of my time working with the hololens. My interest in CS are AI/ML and VR. After graduation, I hope to continue my education and work towards a graduate degree! In my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing the guitar, and traveling.