Vislab Proctors

The Vislab Magicians

Left to right: Annie Bares, Anya Uwakwe, Kyra Thomas, Nitesh Kartha, Matias Fragoso, Jan Rubio. Photo credit: Anya Uwakwe, TACC.

Annie Bares

I'm a graduate student in English literature, interested in intersections between visualization, visual culture, and the environmental humanities. I've spent the summer working with Francesca Samsel, a Research Scientist at TACC who draws on artistic knowledge and practice to make more effective, engaging visualizations. My research project was a study on the possibilities of using the literary studies method of close reading as a visualization evaluation method. Due to COVID, we moved this research from in-person studies with students to evaluation studies conducted with scientists via Zoom. These guided close readings proved fruitful and working with the rest of our team, I submitted a paper on this work to the BELIV workshop at the 2020 IEEE VIS conference.

Matias Fragoso

I am majoring in Human Development of Family Sciences and am pursuing the Elements of Computing as well as the Digital Arts & Media Certificates. I will be graduating this upcoming May of 2021. This summer I have been putting together a video about the benefits of visualization technologies and introducing the visualization lab on the University of Texas at Austin's campus. Since switching to working remotely from home due to the Coronavirus I moved back to Houston with my parents. Working remotely has definitely taken some getting used to, especially with all the activity that goes on at my house, but I've learned to manage my time more effectively as well as how to focus on my work despite any distractions.

Nitesh Kartha

Nitesh is currently assisting Greg Foss, TACC, on a visualization project with Michael Sacks, Director, Oden Institute James T. Willerson Center for Cardiovascular Modeling and Simulation, and Hao Liu, Oden Institute, with simulation data output from a sheep's heart simulation.

Jan Rubio

Panoramic Simulation: Learn new photo editing skills to create visualizations with oculus virtual reality. The different techniques that will be used are:

  • camera angels rotation for stitching
  • stitching features on photoshop
  • adjustment/editing of picture for proper stitching
  • camera functions to facilitate stitching

Video Vlog: In order to keep track of my progress of this pandemic as I work remotely. I will try to document my experiences not only of my life (schedule), but also my vislab progress. Content may be used as future vislab visualization/attraction. Hopefully one day history books include this landmark of a pandemic and use my clips to teach COVID-19 to future generations.

Kyra Thomas

Hello, my name is Kyra Thomas, I am currently a junior at the University of Texas at Austin. I am pursuing a major in Human Development and Family Sciences along with two minors: Education Psychology and Public Policy. I have been working in the TACC Visualization Lab for over one year and my current project focuses on Waller Creek, specifically the tunnel system that helps reduce the risk of flooding in downtown Austin. With the HoloLens and Unity system I am creating a virtual reality that exhibits the water pollution that Waller Creek experiences. Ultimately the goal is to share this VR experience at board meetings and display the effects of pollution on Waller creek in order to help pass legislation in favor of protecting the creek. This semester I will be working remotely from my home-town San Antonio, Texas, and I am excited to once again be a part of the TACC Visualization Lab team.

Anya Uwakwe

Hi, my name is Anya Uwakwe, and I am a junior from Houston, Tx! I am currently studying Computer Science, and minoring in Digital Media at the University of Texas at Austin. I am entering my second year with the TACC Data Visualization Lab, where I will be working remotely in Austin, Tx. In my year with TACC, I have worked to design a guest book, where visitors can sign in and leave their information. This allows us to track patterns in visitation and contact visitors as needed. I have also worked to configure DesignSafe data for the Hololens, and will be continuing this work throughout this semester!