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User Services

Scientists from across the country request accounts and allocations on our systems in order to accomplish their science. We provide online documentation and training to teach them how to use these systems effectively, and our own in-house scientists provide expert support and consulting to ensure researchers realize the full discovery potential of our resources.

The National Science Foundation and U.S. citizens have made a sizeable investment in the nation's high performance computing resources, infrastructure, and workforce. It is the responsibility of TACC staff to make sure these resources are used efficiently and effectively in support of science.

To help users maximize their time on the computing systems, TACC provides training, consulting, advanced interfaces, and timely and accurate information through the center's User Services group.

New User Information

TACC Training The New User Information page allows users to quickly:

  • Learn about TACC resources available to eligible user communities.
  • Select the TACC resource most appropriate to solve your problem.
  • Request a project and allocation on one or more TACC resources.
  • Gain an awareness of TACC training activities.
  • Know where to go for detailed information on TACC resources and how to use them most efficient.

User Portal

The TACC User Portal enables users to find information about all of the computational, visualization, and storage resources in the TACC computational grid. The TACC User Portal makes computational science easier and allows you to:

  • View system details;
  • Read the latest news about systems and services.
  • Access user guides and technical documentation.
  • Monitor operational status and system loads.
  • Monitor job status and queues, using an easy, point-and-click interface.
  • Request consulting assistance from TACC staff.
  • Enroll in a TACC training class.
  • Make VisLab reservations.

User News

TACC User News is the primary communications vehicle for information for the user community about important TACC activities, including system availability and upgrades, TACC training classes, allocation renewal notifications, and holiday consulting coverage.

User Policies

TACC resources serve a large, diverse user community. For the protection of each member of the community, as well as TACC resources, all users are responsible for knowing and abiding by TACC's Usage Policies.


Eligible UT Austin and UT System users can request TACC allocations or XSEDE allocations; other U.S. academic researchers must request XSEDE allocations.

Allocations on TACC resources are also available to members of the Science and Technology Affiliates for Research (STAR) program through sponsored research agreements.

User Guides

TACC User Guides provide valuable content about specific systems at TACC, including system overviews and information, environment, development, optimization, and references.


TACC offers various training classes in high performance computing (HPC), scientific visualization (SciVis), distributed and grid computing (DGC), and computational cluster management. TACC training classes teach the programming principles and techniques in these areas, as well as how to use TACC's high-end systems most effectively. Visit the Training section for more information about specific training opportunities.


TACC Consulting provides expert assistance for users of TACC's advanced computing, visualization, storage, network, and grid resources. Users with a current allocation on a TACC resource are eligible to take advantage of this service, which is intended to provide prompt and accurate response to user inquiries.