Visualization Laboratory Proctors

Meet the Vislab Proctors

TACC employs a staff of UT Austin students to serve as proctors for visitors and tours, and assist with TACC visualization research projects. Their majors vary and the job provides unique experience in teamwork as well as public speaking confidence. Prior experience in visualization is not necessary and interested parties should contact the Vislab manager for more information.

Fall 2022 Proctors left to right: Carlos Miranda, Neida Garza, Jan Rubio, Nathanael Tharps, Siddhant Pandit

Rahel Bekele

Hi, I'm a First year majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on research and design. This will be my first year working for Visualization Lab. My current plans are to get the most out of my engineering classes so I can apply them to the real world. While researching here at VisLab, I hope to work to push the boundaries of innovation and technology.

Jared Galindo Hernandez

Hello there! I am currently a first-year Physics major at the College of Natural Science here at UT Austin, and I am from Lockhart, TX. This will be my first year working as a proctor for the Visualization Laboratory, where I hope to learn more computer and visualization skills. More specifically, gain a better understanding of the software and hardware involved in producing the imagery the lab is known for.

Neida Garza

Hello, my name is Neida; I am a 4th-year UT student studying Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus on Software Engineering. This is my second year of working in the Visualization lab, and I am learning to use Virtual Reality to display/interact with research. I hope to continue learning more about Virtual Reality and visualization this year.

Jan Rubio

Hello, my name is Jan and I am a senior student majoring in Software Engineering and Design within the Electrical and Computer Engineering department here at UT Austin. My projects consist of developing software to better organize our directory, creating virtual walkthroughs of the data center, and updating this very website. It is my 4th year working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant here at the vislab and can't wait to see what the semester will bring! See you at the lab :)

Zhuoli Xie

Hi there! I am Zhuoli, a first-year student at UT studying computer science. As a new proctor, I am still in the process of exploring project interests, but I am definitely hoping to cook up something with the Lasso display. Expanding knowledge across the field of computer science has always been my goal here and beyond ---- to that end, the visualization lab provides me with access to unique resources that I plan to take advantage of.