User Services

Consulting to Optimize User Projects

User Services is the critical link between TACC's computing resources and the people who use those resources to drive discoveries that change the world.  TACC's in-house scientists provide expert support and consulting to ensure that researchers realize the full potential for their projects. Additionally, we provide online documentation and training to enable researchers to use our systems effectively.

The TACC User Portal is the central hub for all things related to using TACC systems. Visit the User Portal to find in-depth information on:

New user information

Learn more about eligibility, TACC resources, how to request a project and allocation, and get started on your project.


Take advantage of TACC's expertise in computing, visualization, storage, networks, and system administration.  Every user with a TACC allocation has access to expert assistance intended to provide high-level support for projects, optimizing code, and curating, analyzing, and visualizing data, as well as prompt and accurate responses to user inquiries.


Make the most of TACC systems.  TACC offers training classes in high performance computing (HPC), scientific visualization, and data analysis and management.  Visit the portal to learn more information about specific training opportunities.

User Guides

In-depth user guides for each compute, visualization, and storage resource provide valuable information to users and developers. User guide content ranges from basic system overviews to detailed technical information on application development , instructions on running jobs, resource-specific tools and tips and tricks.

User News

Stay up to date on important TACC activities including system availability,  hardware and software upgrades, training classes, allocation renewal notifications, and holiday consulting coverage.


To ensure fair and efficient use of resources, TACC has established allocation policies and procedures.  Learn about eligibility, types of allocations, and allocation submission deadlines, and where to apply. See detailed usage information and manage projects and allocations.

User policies

For the protection of TACC's diverse user community and resources, all users are responsible for knowing and abiding by TACC's Usage Policies.


Search for software installed on TACC systems.