Lonestar 5


Lonestar 5 is designed for academic researchers in Austin and across Texas. It will continue to serve as the primary high performance computing resource in the University of Texas Research Cyberinfrastructure (UTRC) initiative, sponsored by The University of Texas System, as well as partner institutions Texas Tech and Texas A&M.

The system entered production on January 12, 2016. Researchers from UT System institutions and contributing partners wishing to request access to Lonestar 5 should do so via the TACC User Portal.

 Lonestar 5 User Guide

System Specs:
  • 1252 Cray XC40 compute nodes, each with two 12-core Intel® Xeon® processing cores for a total of 30,048 compute cores
  • 2 large memory compute nodes, each with 1TB memory
  • 8 large memory compute nodes, each with 512GB memory
  • 16 Nodes with NVIDIA K-40 GPUs
  • 5 Petabyte DataDirect Networks storage system
  • Cray-developed Aries interconnect

Vendor partners: Cray, Intel, DDN

Partners: UT Austin, including ICES and CSR; UT System; Texas Tech; Texas A&M