High performance storage and data management

Corral leads the way in the preservation and sharing of data for researchers. Deployed in 2009, Corral supports data-centric science at The University of Texas at Austin, and throughout the U.S. This storage and data management resource is designed and optimized to support large-scale collections and a collaborative research environment.

Corral consists of two 15-petabyte (>12 petabytes usable capacity) disk arrays, installed at UT Austin and UT Arlington, along with 24 Dell servers providing high-performance storage and services for all types of digital research data. Corral provides a high performance file system accessible directly or via an iRODS data grid, MySQL and Postgres databases, and web access for data sharing. Various other services are also provided to facilitate storage and retrieval of data from sensor networks, specialized research instruments, and HPC and visualization resources.

A high-performance parallel file system is accessible directly from TACC's world-class computational resources, Stampede2 and Lonestar, and from the general TACC Data login nodes accessible at Corral is appropriate for research data management, curation, and sharing applications.

In partnership with Dell and Data Direct Networks.

 Corral User Guide

Host Name
Total Disk 15 Petabytes raw capacity at each site

Corral is TACC's primary data-management and storage resource for supporting the creation and curation of research data collections. You can view a list of TACC hosted data collections here: TACC Collections Catalog.