Cloud Computing

Maximizing the effectiveness of shared resources on the cloud

Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS, Systems)


Chameleon is a computer science test bed for cloud computing.

Jetstream (Cloud Computing for National Cyberinfrastructure)

Jetstream is a self-provisioned, scalable science and engineering cloud environment. It is a new type of computational research resource open for the national research community - a data analysis and computational resource that US scientists and engineers can use interactively to conduct their research anytime, anywhere.

Jetstream features both on-demand and persistent virtual machine technology to support a much wider array of software environments and services than current NSF resources can accommodate. As a fully configurable "cloud" resource, Jetstream bridges the obvious major gap in the current ecosystem, which has machines targeted at large-scale High-Performance Computing, high memory, large data, high-throughput, and visualization resources. As the open cloud for science, Jetstream will:

  • Provide "self-serve" academic cloud services, enabling researchers or students to select a VM image from a published library, or alternatively to create or customize their own virtual environment for discipline- or task-specific personalized research computing.
  • Host persistent VMs to provide services beyond the command line interface for science gateways and other science services. For example, Jetstream will become a primary host of the popular Galaxy scientific workbench and its main datasets, bringing many Galaxy users to the NSF ecosystem from day one.
  • Enable new modes of sharing computations, data, and reproducibility.
  • Expand access to the NSF XSEDE ecosystem by making virtual desktop services accessible from institutions with limited resources

Rodeo - Rodeo is a powerful cloud resource that allows for the full customization of computational environments, the ability to archive these environments, and easy access to stored data from any location.