Sony 9M Pixel Projection System

The flat screen area gives users a 20 ft. x 11 ft., 4096 x 2160 resolution display, which is driven by a Sony SRX-S105 overhead projector and a high-end Dell workstation. This configuration provides users with the added flexibility to run a wide variety of applications, as only one workstation is required to drive the display. The projector gives exceptional brightness and a high resolution, 9M pixel viewing area. In addition, it is configurable to accept inputs from up to four simultaneous video sources, allowing for a hybrid display of multiple systems. As a result, the setting is ideal for ultra-high-resolution visualizations and presentations. Bronco configuration details follow.

System Specifications

Operating System OS Windows 8.1 SP1, CentOS 6
Number of Processors 2 Intel 6-core Sandy Bridge 2667W @ 2.9 GHz
Graphics Card AMD FirePro V9800 and 4GB texture memory
Total Disk 1TB local disk
Resolution 4K x 2K resolution = 4096x2160 (8.85 Mpixel)
Screen Size 20' x 11'