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Dan Stanzione, Ph.D.

Dan Stanzione, Ph.D.

Acting Director
(512) 471-2763
ROC 1.121

Professional Experience:

  • Arizona State University
    2004-2009, Director, High Performance Computing, Fulton School of Engineering
    Affiliate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
  • National Science Foundation/American Association for Advancement of Science
    2003-2004, Science Policy Fellow, Division of Graduate Education
  • Clemson University
    2001 - 2003, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Assistant
  • Professor/Research Associate/Director of Supercomputing and Biocomputing
    1997-2000, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Graduate Teacher of Record
    1992-1997, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Research Assistant

Selected Publications:

{Accepted} Debardeleben, Sass, Stanzione, "Building Problems Solving Environments with the Arches Framework", Journal of Systems and Software, November, 2005.
Digirilamo, Lindekugel, Stanzione, "A Scalable Framework for Offline Parallel Debugging", Proceedings of the 9th LCI Conference on High Performance Clustered Computing, April, 2008.
Sass, Miller, Stanzione, et al "Investigating the Feasibility of FPGA-based Petascale Computing", Proceedings of Field Programmable Custom Computing Machines, IEEE Computer Society Press, April, 2007
DeBardeleben, Ligon, Stanzione, "Coven - a Framework for High Performance Problem Solving Environments ", Proceedings of the 11th IEEE Conference on High Performance Distributed Computing, IEEE Computer Society Press, July, 2002
Book Chapter Co-Author, Beowulf Cluster Computing for Linux , 2nd Edition, edited by Bill Gropp, MIT Press, November, 2003.
Emeneker, Jackson, Butikofer, Stanzione, "Dynamic Virtual Clustering with Xen and Moab", Frontiers of High Performance Computing and Networking – ISPA 2006 Workshops, pp. 440-451, 2006.
Jones, Pang, Ligon, Stanzione, "Characterization Bandwidth Aware Meta-Schedulers for Co-Allocating Jobs in a Mini-Grid", Journal of Supercomputing, October, 2005.
Ooi, Hector, Adams, Stanzione, "First Principles Study of the Aluminum-Cubic Boron Nitride Interface", Journal of Adhesion, December, 2005.
Jones, Pang, Ligon, Stanzione, "Job Communication Characterization and it's impact on Meta -Scheduling Co-Allocated Jobs on a Mini-Grid", International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, April, 2004.
Emeneker, Stanzione, "Dynamic Virtual Clustering", Proceedings of the International Conference on Cluster Computing, September, 2007.


  • Clemson University, Ph.D. (Computer Engineering), 2000
  • Clemson University, M.S. (Computer Engineering), 1993
  • Clemson University, B.S. (Electrical Engineering), 1991