Corral: Celebrating 100 Diverse Data Collections

TACC's high-performance storage system serves scientists and their "Big Data" needs

Published on October 3, 2013 by Aaron Dubrow

Corral Data Collections: Natural History

Natural History on Corral

Arctos Collaboration

Arctos is an ongoing, collaborative effort to integrate access to specimen data, collection-management tools, and external resources on the Internet. Researchers and the public can explore content or search for specimens, media, taxonomy, projects, publications and more. Arctos currently contains more than 1,832,000 specimens and observations in 66 collections, as well as approximately 592,000 media files (images, audio recordings). These data and media are primarily hosted on Corral.

Samples of Peregrine Falcon eggs from the Arctos collection. The eggs were used in studies of DDT and eggshell thinning in birds.

"TACC has been a life saver for the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology. Our collections contain diverse digital materials that include audio recordings, field notes, handwritten data slips, and historical and modern images of specimens, people and places. Prior to TACC, we had the data stored on various hard drives and a local server in the museum. The services offered by TACC, which include hosting of high resolution files on Corral and processing them into formats for web viewing, have made it possible to link these media objects to associated records in Arctos. This has greatly increased their exposure to the broader community for research and education."

Carla Cicero
Staff Curator of Birds, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
University of California, Berkeley

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