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Published on October 3, 2013 by Aaron Dubrow

Corral Data Collections: Ecology

Ecology on Corral

Fishes of Texas

Dean Hendrickson, curator of Ichthyology at the Texas Natural History Collections, and his team created the Fishes of Texas Project using specimen-based records from museums around the world that go back in time more than 160 years. They assign precise latitude and longitude and normalize the data in a massive database on Corral. This allows for the creation of maps and distribution models of species as well as targeted specimen verification/identification to improve data quality. The Hendrickson Lab and other researchers use this database to explore how fish populations have changed over time, use their models to predict the effects of climate change on fish populations, and use fish communities as indicators of environmental (and human) health.

"After many years of having the information about Texas' fishes widely scattered so as to be essentially useless for rigorous, broad-scale analyses, we now have this huge, comprehensive and high-quality database. This project immensely increased our knowledge of the fauna's past and present, and enables broad-scale analyses that link fish occurrences to all sorts of environmental data to allow us to predict and better manage their future as their habitats become every day more altered by human activities."

Dean Hendrickson
Curator, Fishes of Texas Project
The University of Texas at Austin

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