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Published on October 3, 2013 by Aaron Dubrow

Corral Data Collections: Archeology

Archeology on Corral

The Oplontis Project

Corral is now a partner in Center for the Study of Ancient Italy's collaboration with several international institutions to host and manage the Fasti Archaeologici. The Fasti provides an online database (Fasti Online) of European archaeological initiatives since the year 2000. Originally initiated to provide a timely published database for archaeological sites in Italy, the project has evolved to incorporate a new group of countries from Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. A typical Fasti entry includes pertinent information about the history and location of a site along with a written report (a new one each year of the project), images and a bibliography.

A documentary photo of trench OP5 from Villa A at Oplontis, Torre Annunziata, Italy, taken in 2008.

"The Corral storage resource has played a pivotal role in the implementation of the digital initiatives of the Center for the Study of Ancient Italy (CSAI) at UT Austin. Corral hosts the massive and growing database of the Oplontis Project, one of the two archaeological projects sponsored by CSAI. This database contains high-resolution photographs and thousands of entries from the Oplontis Project's study of two sites in the town of Torre Annunziata Italy, near Pompeii."

Michael L. Thomas
Director, Center for the Study of Ancient Italy
The University of Texas at Austin

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