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TACC Scientific Visualization Gallery

Welcome to the Scientific Visualization (SciVis) Gallery. This collection of images highlights past and present collaborative work between TACC and scientists. Click on a thumbnail for a larger view of the image, photo credit, and description/explanation in a new window.

Probing the Effect of
Conformational Constraint
on Binding

Global seismic wave propagation simulation

Large-Scale Distributed
GPU-Based Visualization

Breaking Waves

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Large Electronic Records Collection

Ozone Concentrations in Eastern Texas

Jet-Induced Supernovae

Early Galaxy Formation

Isotropic Turbulence

Human Arterial Tree

Hurricane Modeling

Mantle Convection

MRI scan of Canine Prostate

Liquid Jet Simulation

Liquid Jet Simulation

Hurricane Ike

Heart Muscle Mitochondria

Cosmic Renaissance

Using Text Mining to Infer
Work Relationships

Computational Domain
of Aorta

Aerial Vehicle Control

Aortic Blood Turbulence

Zero Velocity Surfaces

Left Ventricular Assist Device

Horned Lizards

Earth Gravity Map