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Booth Schedule

All times pertain to the Mountain Time Zone.

Tuesday, Nov 14

Deep Learning at TACC
Presenter: Weijia Xu
Length: 30 minutes
Time: 11:30am-12pm

The presentation will give an introduction to Deep Learning support and development at TACC. We will provide an overview of three deep learning framework supported at TACC and their performance testing results on several different computing infrastructures. As a use case example of deep learning in practice, we will also present results from our ongoing collaboration on recognition of moving objects from traffic camera for safety improvement using deep learning methods.

Science Gateways Computing Institute Meet & Greet
Host: Maytal Dahan
Length: 30 minutes
Time: 1:30pm-2pm

Are you a Science Gateway Developer? Are you a current client of SGCI? Come to the SGCI Meet and Greet and have an opportunity to talk to the leads of SGCI and come together with other gateway creators and enthusiasts to learn, share, connect about what the Institute has to offer. The NSF sponsored Science Gateways Community institute is here to provide resources, services, experts and ideas for creating and sustaining Science Gateways. We have the following service areas: Incubator: Expertise and guidance for the gateway lifecycle; Extended Developer Support: Enhancing gateways through technical help from experienced gateway developers; Scientific Software Collaborative: Leveraging and promoting existing investments in gateway technologies by offering a Gateway Catalog and Hosting services; Community Engagement and Exchange: Connecting the community through interaction, teaching, and learning; Workforce Development: Nurturing the next generation of science gateway users and developers. Join us at our SC17 Meet and Greet to learn more about what we have to offer!

Securing HPC: Development of a Low Cost, Open Source, Multi-Factor Authentication Infrastructure
Presenter: W. Cyrus Proctor
Length: 30 minutes
Time: 2-2:30pm

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for access to all computing, whether via web, phone, or direct command-line access. This presentation describes TACC's experiences and lessons learned throughout the assessment, planning, and phased deployment of MFA across production systems supporting more than 10,000 accounts. It focuses on the ultimate curation, creation, and integration of a multitude of software components, some developed in-house to be compatible within existing HPC environments, and all of which are available for open source distribution. We also highlight some of the particular needs of our research community, and provide an information resource for others when considering their own MFA deployments.

Wednesday, Nov 15

Lmod: What's New with TACC's Environment Module System
Presenter: Robert McLay
Length: 30 minutes
Time: 10-10:30am

This presentation will give a quick overview on the Environment Module system called Lmod. It will discuss the features of Lmod over other module system. Finally it will cover the new ways that Lmod will allow for hiding modules without removing them as well as better ways to handle dependent modules and other new features.

XALT: How to track and understand what your users are running on your system
Presenter: Robert McLay
Length: 30 minutes
Time: 10:30-11am

XALT is a extremely lightweight solution to track what your users do. The new XALT tracks both MPI and non-MPI programs. Come see how easy it is to better understand what your users are doing. Let's learn how to drink from the firehose of job data that your site is generating.

Presenter: Si Liu
Length: 30 minutes
Time: 11-11:30am

Supercomputer tools are making a profound difference during the daily use for almost all users on modern supercomputers. They help these users achieve desired goals with less effort and enhance user experience particularly on large-scale systems. In this presentation, several innovative tools designed by TACC, including Sanitytool, Remora, idev, core_usage, launcher, etc., will be shown and discussed. The presentation will demonstrate how these tools help both new and experienced users readily and efficiently complete their work.

Presentation Schedule

Presenter(s) Title Time
Ayat Mohammed Intel HPC Developer Conference:
High-fidelity Rendering of Bioscience Data using OspRay and VR
Saturday, Nov 11th
Tower Court A
Paul Navratil, Jim Jeffers Intel HPC Developer Conference:
In Situ Software Defined Visualization Hands On Lab with a Talk on "Using OSPRay API with Data Distributed Applications
Saturday, Nov 11th
Colorado (Visualization Development)
Paul Navratil, Jim Jeffers Intel HPC Developer Conference:
In Situ Software Defined Visualization Hands On Lab with a Talk on "CSP Project Featuring UTK-m"
Saturday, Nov 11th
Colorado (Visualization Development)
Paul Navratil, Jim Jeffers Intel HPC Developer Conference:
In Situ Hackathon
Saturday, Nov 11th - Sunday, Nov 12th
Colorado (Visualization Development)
Jerome Vienne, Si Liu, Victor Eijkhout, Feng "Kevin" Chen Advanced Manycore Programming(KNL) Sunday, Nov 12th
Ayat Mohammad Women in High Performance Computing:
Best Practices for Scalable Visualization
Sunday, Nov 12th
Ritu Arora, Trung Nguyen ITALC: Interactive Tool for Application-Level Checkpointing Sunday, Nov 12th
Toni Collis, Alison Kennedy, Sunita Chandrasekaran, Patricia Damkroger, Kelly Gaither, Rebecca Hartman-Baker, Ayat Mohammed, Daniel Holmes, Adrian Jackson, Kim McMahon, Misbah Mubarak, Lorna Rivera Women in HPC: Diversifying the HPC Community Sunday, Nov 12th
Rion Dooley, Kathy Traxler, Steven Brandt, John Fonner HPC via HTTP: Portable, Scalable Computing Using App Containers and the Agave API Monday, Nov 13th
W. Cyrus Proctor, Joseph Voss, Joe A. Garcia, R. Todd Evans Automated System Health and Performance Benchmarking Platform: High Performance Computing Test Harness with Jenkins Monday, Nov 13th
Undergraduate Students: Collin Weir (Texas State), Carlos Hurtado (Texas State), Jeremie Gallegos (UT Austin), Austin Reichert (UT Austin), Jamie Sullivan (UT Austin), Vivian Nguyen (UT Austin)

Advisors: W. Cyrus Proctor, Nick Thorne, Todd Evans
Competition Monday, Nov 13th - Thursday, Nov 16th
Anne Bowen, Abdul N. Malmi-Kakkada Physical Signatures of Cancer Metastasis Tuesday, Nov 14th
Mile High Prefunction
Robert McLay, Georg Rath, Thomas Furlani, Robert DeLeon Tracking and Analyzing Job-level Activity Using Open XDMoD, XALT and OGRT Tuesday, Nov 14th
Niall Gaffney Outcomes from Machine Learning at TACC Tuesday, Nov 14th
Dell EMC Booth #913
Anne Bowen, Abdul N. Malmi-Kakkada Physical Signatures of Cancer Metastasis Wednesday, Nov 15th
W. Cyrus Proctor, Patrick Storm, Nathaniel Mendoza, Matthew R. Hanlon Securing HPC: Development of a Low Cost, Open Source, Multi-Factor Authentication Infrastructure Wednesday, Nov 15th
Weijia Xu, Kelly Gaither, Daniel Katz, Ann Stapleton, Gopalan Oppiliappan, Mark Speck, Hui Zhang, Rosalia Gomez High Performance Computing Education in US Data Science Wednesday, Nov 15th
Kenton McHenry, Mike Conway, Niall Gaffney, Christine Kirkpatrick, Rob Kooper, Mahidhar Tatineni, Jaroslaw Nabrzyski Virtualization Ecosystems: Supporting Increasingly Complex Scientific Applications Thursday, Nov 16th
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