Welcome to TACC @ SC14

The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) designs, deploys, operates and conducts research and development to provide the most comprehensive, integrated, and balanced set of computational, visualization, storage and software activities for all types of research.

Visit us at SC14 to learn how TACC enables more open science across all disciplines than any other research center in the nation.

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TACC machines

World Class Systems

At SC14, TACC will showcase current and upcoming systems — Stampede, Wrangler, Chameleon, and Jetstream. Learn how these systems were designed and how they help form TACC's comprehensive ecosystem of leading-edge resources in high performance computing (HPC), visualization, data services, cloud computing, and more. Our skilled experts work with thousands of researchers on more than 3,000 projects each year.



Explore New Technologies

Technology R&D Presentations

Experiment with new visualization technologies developed and adapted by TACC staff for science and HPC environments. The Oculus Rift offers a virtual, interactive tour of the TACC Visualization Lab in Austin, and the Microsoft Touch Table offers a live visualization of Stampede's current jobs updated every hour. The Touch Table will also allow multiple people to explore Flickr images with our collaborative multi-touch tool. Join us for discussions with the systems architects, applications experts, and scientists who design, deploy and use TACC systems. Presentations will outline TACC's approach to advanced computing.