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Local and distant communications with the computer systems at the Texas Advanced Computing Center are made possible by a series of efficient networks managed by the University of Texas System Office of Telecommunication Services (OTS) and UT-Austin Information Technology Services (ITS) Networking. In addition, TACC manages a private connection to the NSF XSEDE high speed backbone.


OTS offers IP-based network services via a high-performance backbone network that provides advanced networking capabilities to UT System universities and health institutions across the state. TACC and UT-Austin also connect to Internet2 via THEnet. Through the services of THEnet, researchers anywhere on the Internet can access the advanced scientific computers at TACC.

University of Texas Network (UTnet)

UTnet is a campus-wide high speed digital data network that provides network access to all computer users at the University of Texas at Austin. UTNet backbones operate at 100 Mbps, 1GigE and 10GigE. The Pickle Research Campus is connected to the UT Austin main campus over a 10GigE fiberoptic link as part of the Greater Austin Area Telecommunications Network (GAATN). UTnet also peers with THEnet.


Using high-performance network connections, XSEDE integrates high-performance computers, data resources and tools, and high-end experimental facilities around the country. Currently, XSEDE resources include more than 750 teraflops of computing capability and more than 30 petabytes of online and archival data storage, with rapid access and retrieval over high-performance networks. Researchers can also access more than 100 discipline-specific databases. With this combination of resources, XSEDE is the world's largest, most comprehensive distributed cyberinfrastructure for open scientific research.