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Systems & Software

TACC designs, develops, deploys, operates, and supports the most powerful computing, data, visualization, and storage systems in the world. We provide a comprehensive software environment to provide researchers a more powerful, more reliable, and more secure science environment to effectively and efficiently make discoveries.

TACC's supercomputers, data storage and visualization systems, and supporting cyberinfrastructure, serve thousands of researchers each year. The models and simulations produced by these scientists contribute to every field of science and give form to the unimaginable, from the moments after the Big Bang to the Earth's future climate.

Ranger SupercomputerTACC provides comprehensive advanced computing resources in the following areas:

  • High performance computing (HPC) systems of a variety of architectures enable larger simulations and shorter computation times than are possible using the computers available to individual researchers, academic departments, and research centers;
  • Advanced scientific visualization (SciVis) resources — including computing systems with high performance graphics hardware, remote visualization capabilities, and large tiled displays — enable large data analysis and promote knowledge discovery;
  • Data storage/archival systems hold the vast quantities of data that result from HPC simulations, satellite and sensor monitoring, and the digitization of archives;
  • Networking allows both local- and wide-area access to TACC's resources; and
  • Software and tools assist scientists and technical practitioners in using advanced computing, data hardware, and remote visualization resources.