TACC Research: Data Collections

Services for all aspects of the data lifecycle

TACC works to meet the needs of faculty and researchers for data collection services, and to contribute to the potential of data-driven research to make discoveries. The center builds and maintains large data-management and storage resources and consults with collections' creators in all aspects of the data lifecycle from creation to long-term preservation and access.

Methods and tools for automatically tagging, classifying, and accessing large scale web archives of ministerial and presidential reports and speeches in the Latin American Government Documents Archive.
Maintains an array of ongoing collaborations with the Texas Natural Sciences Center.
Tomislav Urban
Create a navigable, three-dimensional digital model of Villa A at Oplontis, fully documenting its setting, architecture, and decor.
Heriberto Nieto
Superior, comprehensive scientific capabilities that provide research advantages that enable breakthrough results and impact science, attract superior faculty and students, and attract funding to UT System institutions.
Preston Broadfoot