TACC Research: Data Management and Collections (DMC)

Services for all aspects of the data lifecycle

TACC works to meet the needs of faculty and researchers for data collection services, and contributes to the potential of data-driven research to make discoveries. The center builds and maintains large data-management and storage resources and consults with collections' creators in all aspects of the data lifecycle from creation to long-term preservation and access.

The DMC group also provides special support, such as workflow consulting and preservation pipelines, to the center-wide initiatives listed below.

If you have a data management challenge and wish to contact us, please email data@tacc.utexas.edu.

Development of curation and publication pipelines and of the preservation and metadata back-end for natural hazards engineering data. Deployment of Fedora-based repository with linked-data support using BlazeGraph for RDF query. Collaboration with Experimental Facilities to automate terabyte-scale data transfers to DesignSafe infrastructure at TACC.
Maria Esteva
Support for diverse aspects of the Cyverse data store and Data Commons, a platform for sharing of research data in the life sciences. Contributions include metadata model and minimum requirements, replication strategy for reliable data access, long-term preservation strategy and pipelines, integration with DOI framework for persistent references to data. Hosting and support for petabyte-scale data collections directly and indirectly incorporated into CyVerse.
Development of web-based portal for storage, management and retrieval of images and related experimental measurements of diverse porous materials. Contributions include development of customized metadata model, analysis backend, search optimization and long-term preservation strategy.
Maria Esteva
Superior, comprehensive scientific capabilities that provide research advantages that enable breakthrough results and impact science, attract superior faculty and students, and attract funding to UT System institutions.
Preston Broadfoot
Maintains an array of ongoing collaborations with the Texas Natural Sciences Center.
Tomislav Urban