Past Project: GotoBLAS2

User support is no longer available for this project since it is no longer active



GotoBLAS2 was released by the Texas Advanced Computing Center as open source software under the BSD license. This product is no longer under active development by TACC, but it is available to the community to use, study, and extend. GotoBLAS2 uses new algorithms and memory techniques for optimal performance of the BLAS routines. The changes in this version target new architecture features in microprocessors and interprocessor communication techniques. In addition, NUMA controls enhance multi-threaded execution of BLAS routines on node. The library features optimal performance on the following platforms:

  • Intel Nehalem and Atom systems
  • VIA Nanoprocessor
  • AMD Shanghai and Istanbul

The library includes the following features:

  • Configurations for a variety of hardware platforms
  • Incorporation of features of many ISAs (Instruction Set Architecture)
  • Implementation of NUMA controls to assure best process affinity and memory policy
  • Dynamic detection of multiple architecture components, which can be included in a single binary (for binary distributions)

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Dr. Kent Milfeld

Research Associate, HPC | 512-475-9458