XSEDE Projects

The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment

Project Overview

XSEDE is a single virtual system that scientists can use to interactively share computing resources, data and expertise. People around the world use these resources and services — things like supercomputers, collections of data and new tools — to improve our planet.

For more information about TACC's role in this system, visit our XSEDE Partnership page, or read about specific center-led projects:

Funding Source(s)

  • National Science Foundation (NSF)

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Contributing TACC Staff

  • Chris Jordan, Manager, Data Management & Collections
    ctjordan@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-3755
  • Sivakumar (Siva) Kulasekaran, Research Associate
    siva@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-475-6385
  • Steve Terry, Java Middleware and Web Developer
    sterry@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-475-9411
  • Carrie Arnold, Web Portal and Gateway Developer, RESA III
    cmarnold@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-475-9240
  • Akhil Seth, Software Developer
    akhil@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-6575
  • Charlie Dey, Research Engineering/Scientist Associate III
    charlie@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-7591
  • David Montoya, Web Programmer
    dmontoya@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-471-6363
  • Susan Lindsey, Technical Information Coordinator
    slindsey@tacc.utexas.edu | 858-349-8004
  • Walter Scarborough, Research Engineer/Scientist Associate I
    wscarborough@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-475-9411
  • Manuel Rojas, Research Engineer/Scientist Associate III
    mrojas@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-471-9411
  • Ajit Gauli, Web Portal and Gateway Developer, RESA III
    agauli@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-475-9411

Primary Contact(s)

Tim Cockerill

Director of User Services
cockerill@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-475-9411

Kelly Gaither

Director of Visualization
kelly@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-471-8957

Maytal Dahan

Director of Advanced Computing Interfaces
maytal@tacc.utexas.edu | 310-429-9419