TACC User Portal


The TACC User Portal is a web interface for users to manage their TACC account, projects, and allocations. It is the entrypoint for user to begin using TACC's systems and services. Through the portal users can create and manage their account and user profile. The Project Management interface gives PI-eligible users the ability to create projects and manage their allocations on TACC resources. Users can access the TACC consulting system to get support. The User Portal is also where users can find documentation and tutorials on using TACC resources and software tools, stay up to date with user news, and register for TACC training courses.

In addition to the web-based User Portal, TACC has developed versions of the User Portal optimized for mobile interfaces such as smartphones and tablets. There are two version of this application available, the mobile web portal and an iOS application available from the Apple App Store. The mobile versions of the User Portal provide access to the consulting system, current job statuses, and project and allocation information. The iOS application also provides push notifications that inform users in real time about their jobs running on TACC systems, user news items, and updates to consulting tickets.

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Matthew Hanlon

Manager, Web & Mobile Applications Group
mrhanlon@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-5165

Stephen Mock

Director of Advanced Computing Interfaces
mock@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-7346

Ajit Gauli

Research Engineering/Scientist Associate III
agauli@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-475-9411