Synergistic Discovery and Design Environment (SD2E)



DARPA's Synergistic Discovery and Design (SD2) program is designed to "develop data-driven methods to accelerate scientific discovery and robust design in domains that lack complete models." TACC is part of the SD2 program, leading development of the Synergistic Discovery and Design Environment (SD2E), an integrated cyberinfrastructure that enables investigators to deploy analysis tools and aggregate data resources. Leveraging both the Agave APIs and Abaco APIs, alongside a number of other services, SD2E provides a diverse and expressive set of interfaces backed by high performance computing, high performance data storage, high throughput computing, and cloud computing systems.


The SD2E project has pushed the boundaries for reproducible computing through the use of software containers, version control, continuous integration, automated data processing, and metadata collection. These capabilities are all presented through self-service APIs and tools, making it a powerful development environment for collaborative scientific investigation.

Funding organization

DARPA, HR001117S0003

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Matthew W. Vaughn, Phd (PI)

Director of Life Sciences Computing
Principal Investigator

Tracy Brown

Web And Mobile Applications Manager

James Carson, PhD

Research Associate

John Fonner, PhD

Research Associate

Niall Gaffney

Director Of Data Intensive Computing

Joe Stubbs, PhD

Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate