Oplontis project


TACC researchers worked with King's Visualization Laboratory and the Oplontis Team, under the direction of Professor John R. Clarke, at the University of Texas at Austin to create a navigable, three-dimensional digital model of Villa A at Oplontis, fully documenting its setting, architecture, and decor.


The Vislab staff used Unity3D, a cross-platform game creation engine, to augment the model provided by King's Visualization Lab with virtual reality support via the Oculus Rift head-mounted display. The model permits viewers to alternate between the Villa's current architectural state and a version with hypothetical restorations of many of its wall paintings. Additionally, a virtual visitor can study the impact of lighting conditions at different times of day.

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Luis Francisco-Revilla

Manager, Visualization Interfaces & Applications Group
revilla@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-4772