Large-Scale Computational Support for NASA


Collaborative initiatives between NASA and TACC on questions of mutual interest related to large-scale computation. Additionally, TACC makes available to NASA computational resources, training, and support that augments existing NASA capabilities.


Current work focuses on: (1) configuring Slurm-based scheduling tools to support increasingly sophisticated measures of "fair share" usage; (2) restart file operations that achieve high performance on Lustre-based file systems; and (3) best practices for managing software stacks using Lmod, TACC's signature environment modules system.


This long-standing, on-going collaboration remains valuable to both NASA and TACC for two important reasons: (1) it allows us to leverage experience and expertise of two organizations for the benefit of both (and potentially the larger computational community); (2) it fosters and strengthens relationships across the two organizations that pay short and long-term dividends.

Funding Source(s)

  • GRANT # NNX14AD40A
  • NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
  • Applied Aerosciences & CFD Branch



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Bill Barth

Director of High Performance Computing | 512-475-9411