MIC Development


TACC is developing new materials to teach the scientific community how to adapt their codes for the Intel MIC Architecture. These programs will be required to focus on vectorization and high levels of threaded parallelism in order to maximize the performance of their algorithms on Stampede.

Funding Source(s)

  • Stampede Supercomputer

MIC Development Quick Start Guides

Bill Barth

Director of High Performance Computing
bbarth@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-7069

Kent Milfield

Manager, HPC Performance & Architecture Group
milifield@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-475-9468

John Cazes

Manager, HPC Applications Group
cazes@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-5777

Robert McLay

Manager, HPC Software Tools Group
mclay@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-8104

Lars Koesterke

Research Associate
lars@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-5190

Carlos Rosales

Research Associate
carlos@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-5189

John McCalpin

Research Associate
mccalpin@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-3754

Luke Wilson

HPC Specialist
lwilson@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-7351

Victor Eijkhout

Research Specialist
eijkhout@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-471-5809

Warren Smith

Research Associate
wsmith@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-475-7870

Douglas (Doug) James

Research Associate
djames@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-471-0696

Ritu Arora

Research Associate
rauta@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-475-9411

Hang Liu

Research Associate
hliu@tacc.utexas.edu | 512-232-8369