Development of Systems Informatics Tools to Accelerate Livestock Genomics


Genetics research has been revolutionized by the mapping and sequencing of whole genomes and now the re-sequencing of large numbers of individuals--human, chicken, cattle, swine, sheep, and multiple other species (vertebrate and non-vertebrate). Our long-range goal is to develop the integrated resources available at CyVerse and Animal QTLdb, thereby leveraging the prior national funding in cyberinfrastructure to ultimately address issues of importance to the livestock industry. The objectives of this particular application, which is an immediate step toward attainment of our long-range goal, are to 1) develop computational pipelines to efficiently process next-generation sequence data to facilitate GWAS/genomic selection, 2) provide computational resources to process next-generation data, and 3) facilitate comparison of livestock QTL/GWAS findings with previously published results. The results of this project are expected to have significant positive effects on researchers' ability to analyze genotype/phenotype data associated with traits of economic and health importance in livestock species.

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Matthew W. Vaughn, PhD (PI)

Director of Life Sciences Computing | 512-232-7124

James Carson, PhD (PI)

Research Associate | 512-475-7887

Eric Dawson

Undergraduate Research Assistant