Data Management & Collections (DMC)

Services & Resources


  • Data backup
  • Developing retention policies
  • Consulting on rights, licensing, privacy/confidentiality issues regarding data access
  • Record-keeping consulting
  • Geo-referencing Information System (GIS) development
  • Database development
  • Long term preservation planning
  • Design of data pipelines
  • Provenance documentation
  • Code and software preservation if needed for a particular data set
  • Training in data management and preservation


TACC maintains and makes available to researchers the following data resources:

The iRODS data management and replication service enables researchers to store, retrieve, and manage data across multiple resources including Corral and Ranch. In addition, geographically-remote archive resources are made available to collections with high data reliability needs. In all, up to 12 Petabytes of storage can be accessed using the iRODS system at TACC. The iRODS software has extensive metadata creation and search features, and can be accessed using special client tools as well as the WebDAV protocol. In addition, web access using any browser can be enabled for data collections with a public access requirement.

Chris Jordan

Manager, Data Management & Collections Group | 512-232-3755

David Walling

Software Developer | 512-471-9976

Tomislav Urban

Senior Software Developer | 512-471-6532

Maria Esteva

Research Associate/Data Archivist | 512-232-8478