Data Management & Collections (DMC)


The following highlighted partners illustrate the types of services that we provide. The full list(s) can be found below.

Institution for Classical Archaeology (ICA)
Assessed the collection. Documented the site-to-archive data workflow and developed a record-keeping structure to classify data objects as they are generated and to capture their relationships to other data objects generated throughout the research process. Built a metadata mapping between the record-keeping structure and standard metadata schemas. Developed extensions to iRods to automatically extract metadata from the record-keeping system. The metadata as an xml document is preserved alongside the data objects upon ingestion to the long-term archive on Corral. This allows to search for individual data objects and its relationships.

Plant Resources Center
The Plant Resources Center (PRC) of The University of Texas at Austin comprises The University of Texas (TEX) and Lundell (LL) herbaria. On-line access to the ca. 1,000,000 specimens in the PRC is a critical component of its scientific mission and utility. At present, data for over 400,000 specimens (Texas, Mexico, and type) are on-line, as well as camera-generated digital images of ca. 6500 types. However, the data are divided among four separate databases with different structures and separate on-line interfaces. TACC is integrating all specimen data using a single platform and software, which in turn will allow the development of more powerful on-line user interfaces, more efficient database workflow, and improved database structure for collaborative projects with other herbaria. High quality scans of all 7500 types, resulting from a Latin American Plants Initiative (LAPI) project supported by the Mellon Foundation, will be integrated. TACC will provide permanent archiving of all data and image files.

Texas Natural Sciences Center
The DMC group maintains multiple MySQL databases for use with the Specify collections-management software. The following websites are all hosted on the Corral data applications facility:

Chris Jordan

Manager, Data Management & Collections Group | 512-232-3755

David Walling

Software Developer | 512-471-9976

Tomislav Urban

Senior Software Developer | 512-471-6532

Maria Esteva

Research Associate/Data Archivist | 512-232-8478