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Texas Partnerships

Over the past decade, TACC and Texas researchers have matured together. As TACC emerged as one of the top centers for advanced computing in the world, scientists throughout Texas have furthered their research and increased their proficiency with, and use of, HPC resources and applications. Texas researchers have put their partnership with TACC to great use. Their discoveries prove the value of statewide collaboration and the impact that investments in high-performance computing have on science and society.

The UT System Research Cyberinfrastructure Project (UTRC)

The UT System Research Cyberinfrastructure Project (UTRC) mission is to achieve, sustain, and extend leadership in research programs at all 15 UT System institutions through the development, deployment, support, and application of a world-class, comprehensive, integrated, advanced computing research infrastructure. UTRC presents superior, comprehensive scientific capabilities that surpass those of peer institutions to provide research opportunities and advantages to UT System researchers. As part of the UTRC, UT System researchers have unique access to allocations on Lonestar, a national XSEDE resource and the world's most productive HPC environment, and Corral, host of the UT System Data Repository (UTDR), a large scale, high-performance storage system for all types of digital data.

High Performance Computing Across Texas (HiPCAT)

TACC is also a partner in High Performance Computing Across Texas (HiPCAT) a consortium of Texas institutions that use advanced computational technologies to enhance research, development, and educational activities. These advanced computational technologies include traditional high performance computing (HPC) systems, in addition to complementary advanced computing technologies including massive data storage systems and scientific visualization resources. The advent of computational grids -- based on high speed networks connecting computing resources and grid 'middleware' running on these resources to integrate them into 'grids' -- has enabled the coordinated, concurrent usage of multiple resources/systems and stimulated new methods of computing and collaboration. Our principal project in the area of grid computing is the Texas Internet Grid for Research and Education (TIGRE). HiPCAT also explores other areas of technological and organizational interest to its members.