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STAR Scholars Program

TACC's industrial affiliates program, the Science & Technology Affiliates for Research (STAR), offers opportunities for companies to leverage TACC's capabilities and resources to gain a competitive advantage in the 21st century economy. To better support our corporate partners, TACC offers the STAR Scholars Program, which will contribute to the development of a computationally literate STEM workforce in high performance computing and visualization. Scholars will receive training in computational science and engineering skills that are critical to maintaining technological competitiveness in the global economy. The program will prepare undergraduates and graduates to contribute to industry R&D, providing an infusion of expertise in cutting-edge technologies for numerical analysis and visualization.

Scholar Activities
  • Training in a multi-disciplinary cohort.
  • Technology orientation sessions and team-building exercises that will prepare scholars for the workplace of the future.
  • Academic year pairing with a TACC mentor/researcher working on a project that is of interest to STAR Sponsors.
  • Application seminars, training workshops, and STEM Outreach to K-12 and the public (explaining and demonstrating the contribution of HPC to society).
  • Final presentations to their cohort, TACC mentors, and sponsors.

Scholars are also eligible to apply for a summer internship with a STAR Sponsor, and will have the option to present at the beginning of the academic year for immediate past summer projects.

Scholars Stipend

STAR Scholars will receive a stipend for work on the academic year projects of interest. STAR Sponsors will provide financial support for two undergraduates or one graduate student, to work 10 hours a week on a research project during the academic year. Summer internship rates for STAR Scholars will be determined by the STAR Sponsor.

Application & Selection

Online applications will be accepted via the Hire a Longhorn website. Selection and notification will occur no more than two weeks after the close of the application site. TACC will provide pre-screening of applicants, matching selected students with TACC and department researchers working on projects of interest to the Sponsors.

Sponsorship Opportunities contact information:
Melyssa Fratkin, TACC's Industrial Programs Director,

Criteria for Student Application (full qualifications are on Hire a Longhorn website.)

  • Currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student at The University of Texas at Austin
  • Earning a minimum of a 2.4 GPA
  • Programming experience in Linux/Unix environments
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent residency
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