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Mission: The STAR program promotes mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and information between industry and academia in advanced computing technologies, while fostering innovation and supporting economic development in the state of Texas and across the nation.

TACC supports industrial research and development through the Science and Technology Affiliates for Research (STAR) program. The program provides participants with supercomputing time, technical support, visualization resources and one-on-one training, allowing companies to make better business decisions.

TACC invites companies at all levels to collaborate in advancing innovation and competitiveness through high performance computing. We offer a range of services to industry, including access to systems, software and expertise, with discounts and supplemental services.

STAR offers opportunities for companies to increase their effectiveness through advanced computing technologies. The mission of this program is to promote a mutually beneficial exchange between industry and academia in advanced computing techniques and technologies, and at the same time foster a framework for technology innovation and support economic development in the state of Texas and across the nation. Through this program, TACC and the STAR participants will advance fundamental and applied research and development in the areas of science, technology, and engineering, among others.

TACC offers unique and valuable expertise in the field of advanced computing, with expert staff who conduct groundbreaking research in high performance computing, scientific visualization and data analysis, distributed and collaborative computing, and high bandwidth networking. This depth and breadth of experience provides the foundation for building strong research and development relationships that result in enhanced R&D programs for the participant.

The STAR program delivers exceptional value to its members by developing a strong relationship that provides a wide range of benefits, ensuring maximum flexibility, creating meaningful collaborations with researchers, and lowering the barriers for effective use of TACC's advanced computing resources and services. Membership requires a minimum one-year commitment.

Technology companies benefit from collaborating with TACC to develop and evaluate prototypes of hardware & software, leveraging TACC's systems and expertise for better exploration of users' needs.

For more information about the STAR Program, visit STAR Membership Benefits and Current STAR Partners.

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