TACC Institutes - registration open!

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      New TACC website coming tomorrow / Tuesday 4/18! 
      Our Institutes are in-person and on-site. Expect robust content, one-on-one interaction with instructors, networking opportunities, certificates of completion and breakfast tacos.

      BootUp & Reboot @ TACC* 
      06/12/23 - 06/16/23 
      07/31/23 - 08/04/23 
      *2-part series 
      BootUp/Reboot @ TACC is a dual boot camp focused on immersing participants into the research life cycle. Attendees will solve a computational scientific model, generate data, verify and validate the data, update the model, revisit the data... and repeat until the model accurately predicts a real-life phenomenon. This is the research life cycle. Part training, part code-a-thon, part hackathon, BootUp and ReBoot is an incredible learning experience and a lot of fun. 
      Details and registration here: https://cvent.utexas.edu/lLlyr1 

      Machine Learning Institute @ TACC 
      06/26/23 - 06/30/23 
      At TACC's Machine Learning Institute, attendees will move through an introduction / ML basics before diving in to the state-the-of-art methods, modern tools, and hands-on exercises of machine learning and deep learning at a supercomputing scale. 
      More details and registration here: https://cvent.utexas.edu/bw42mA 

      The following TACC Institutes will be held on-site at TACC during the week of July 10-14th:

      Reproducible Science Institute 
      07/10/23 - 07/14/23
      In this immersive, hands-on workshop, attendees will learn how to make your scientific workflows more reproducible, automated, and scalable using state-of-the-art tools and technologies. 
      More details and registration here: https://cvent.utexas.edu/d/m0q1n7/ 

      Scientific Visualization Institute 
      07/10/23 - 07/14/23
      Spend a week with TACC's visualization experts learning how to generate rich, informative visualizations and increase the impact of your work. 
      More details and registration here: https://cvent.utexas.edu/d/q0q1hl/ 

      Applied Parallel Programming Institute 
      07/10/23 - 07/14/23
      With TACC's high performance computing experts, learn to write parallel applications using OpenMP and MPI. 
      More details and registration here: https://cvent.utexas.edu/d/j0q1h3/