Life Sciences Computing


The Life Sciences Computing Group at TACC is committed to providing the life science research community with computational tools and expertise needed to address modern biological research questions. The TACC team is focused on ensuring that TACC maintains the hardware, software and domain expertise to support a wide variety of bioscience research.

In addition to providing the necessary support to the life science research community, the Computational Biology group at TACC actively engages in research efforts. Some of these efforts are initiated by members of the Life Sciences Computing Group, others are derived from collaborative efforts with researchers from across the US.


Matthew Vaughn, PhD

Director of Life Sciences Computing | 512-232-7124

John Fonner, PhD

Research Associate | 512-232-5939

James Carson, PhD

Research Associate | 512-475-7887

Jawon Song, PhD

Research Associate | 512-471-7291

Gregory Zynda

Research Engineering / Scientist Associate | 512-475-9411