Expanding Pathways in Computing (EPIC)


Certification Prep Checklist

This guide defines one path for 8-12 Cert Test preparation. Computer literacy (experience with applications, networks, and the Internet) is recommended before starting these steps. If you have programming experience, you will likely choose to do a subset of these steps, until you are comfortable programming in Java, Javascript or Python.

STEP 1: Learn Block-Based Programming

If you don't have exposure to programming, complete Code.org's Accelerated Into To CS class to learn basic programming concepts using a simple, block-based programming language. This course is free, self-paced and interactive. This course takes approximately 20 hours to complete.

STEP 2: Learn Text-Based Programming

If you don't have extensive experience with a text-based programming language like Java, complete Codecademy's Learn Java course. The content of this course is free, but it is recommended that you purchase 1-2 months ($19.99 per month) of to PRO version to access practice questions and quizzes. The course is self-paced and interactive. The course takes approximately 20 hours to complete.

STEP 3: Complete Certification Prep Course – Online

Complete the WeTeach_CS Online Certification Prep Course, Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers ($398). This is an online, asynchronous certification prep course. The In-Person and online courses both serve as preparation for the 8-12 CS Test. You might feel that one of these is sufficient to prepare you for the test. Some teachers choose to do both, to gain a deeper understanding and more practice. The online course is delivered at least once during the fall, spring and summer. Available course dates and registration info can be found on the UTakeIT Online courses page.

STEP 4: Complete Certification Prep Course – In-Person

Attend a WeTeach_CS Certification Prep In-Person workshop ($400). This is a 3-day certification prep course that focuses on the competencies needed for the 8-12 CS Cert Test and is a great opportunity to learn from your peers and ask questions of the experienced instructors.