Expanding Pathways in Computing (EPIC)


About WeTeach_CS

Goals and Outcomes


Growing computing content knowledge

  • Comprehensive online courses
  • Unique face to face workshops
  • Nationally renowned WeTeach_CS Summit featuring: computer science experts, academic researchers, and industry partners

Improving instructional strategies

  • A WeTeach_CS for HS and WeTeach_AP®CSA curricula
  • Integrating computational thinking into core academics
  • Incorporating computer science into the entire continuum of K-12 training from ScratchJr. and Code.org with pre-readers to advanced topics like 3D printing, robotics, and cybersecurity with high school students

Broadening participation in computing

  • An expansive online course that can be facilitated by WeTeach_CS instructors or within your own cohort of educators
  • The WeTeach_CS Summit brings the latest pioneers in CS equity to share their research and solutions with the community
  • Our newsletter which highlights events, workshops, and successful programs to provide examples of equity in action

Increasing the number of certified educators

  • Self-paced online course aligned to the TExES and Praxis exams
  • A three-day face to face course, WeTeach_CS Certification Prep
  • Stipends to incentivize educators seeking certification

Building community with all stakeholders

  • The WeTeach_CS Summit is a three day event that brings together K-12 educators and CS advocates to network, collaborate, and share what works in advancing the goal of computer science for all
  • Partnerships with industry and non-profit leaders, such as CS4TX, ECEP, and Code.org, as well as numerous institutions of higher education and research
  • A newsletter which highlights professional development, grants and scholarships, student experiences, and policy/funding updates at the state and federal levels

Replicating WeTeach_CS in your State

The Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers: Praxis Prep is an online course based on the success of the Texas based certification program. Educators from across the nation including Alabama, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, Arkansas, Georgia and many other states are using this course to help educators prepare for teacher certification. If you are interested in bringing WeTeach_CS online or in-person professional development to your state, please contact Dr. Carol Fletcher (cfletcher@tacc.utexas.edu).

What WeTeach_CS Provides

WeTeach_CS, a University of Texas entity, provides the following:

  • Content
    • Curriculum
    • Online Courses
    • F2F Workshops
  • Pedagogy
    • Online Courses
    • F2F Workshops
  • Certification
    • Curriculum
    • Online Courses
    • F2F Workshops
    • Stipend
  • Community
    • WeTeach_CS
    • Blog
    • Collaboratives
  • Equity
    • Strategies for Effective & Inclusive Teaching
    • Research & Advocacy