Expanding Pathways in Computing (EPIC)


WeTeach_CS is the K-12 teacher professional development component of EPIC. This program educates, empowers, and inspires K-12 CS teachers to realize the vision of CSforALL. The WeTeach_CS Collaboratives are comprised of 31 projects across the state of Texas, including institutions of higher education, educational service centers (ESCs), local education agencies, and nonprofit entities.

Goals and Outcomes

WeTeach_CS educates, empowers, and inspires K-12 CS teachers, administrators, professional development providers, and university instructors to realize the vision of CSforALL.

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Certification and Professional Development

Our certification and professional development programs are helping to increase the number of CS teachers in Texas while improving the quality of CS classroom instruction.

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WeTeach_CS Summit 2020

The WeTeach_CS Summit is a 3-day event which educates, empowers, and inspires K-12 CS teachers, advocates, administrators, professional development providers, university instructors, and policy-makers to advance the goal of CS for all in Texas and beyond.

Call for proposals now open, submit a WeTeach_CS Summit Presentation Proposal Form.

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WeTeach_CS was founded and directed by Carol L. Fletcher, Ph.D. The WeTeach_CS team includes the following individuals:

  • Amy Carrell, Director of Outreach
  • John B. Owen, CS Professional Development Specialist
  • Nathalie Beausoleil, Event Coordinator and CIP Coordinator
  • Sheryl Roehl, Project Manager