STEM Programs

Educational programs for students and community members of all ages

K-12 Students

TACC is engaging K-12 students in meaningful, educational experiences that impact their lives, empowering them to be full participants in STEM innovation. We create relationships with students and their families far beyond one-time interactions.

College Students

To sustain the STEM pipeline, TACC provides year-long and summer research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. TACC is exposing these students to technologies that are directly applicable to the world we live in today.


Pipeline to a diverse supercomputing workforce
TACC programs introduce high school and college students from underserved communities to high-performance computing


TACC aims to educate a diverse community of learners about the importance of being technologically literate in the 21st century. By partnering with key organizations, we strive to increase diversity in today's workforce.

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Texas Girls Collaborative Project

Raspberry Picademy

Professional development for K-12 educators

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Education & Outreach Manager

Dawn Hunter
Senior Program Coordinator

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Senior Program Coordinator

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In addition to summer programming, TACC provides educational tours throughout the year to increase awareness about the impact of science and technology; get students excited about STEM careers; and help students make the connection between STEM careers and their everyday lives.