STEM Programs

Educational programs for students and community members of all ages

Our world is filled with future scientists, educators, and engineers who will someday make discoveries we can't begin to imagine. To support this burgeoning talent, TACC offers STEM programming for students of all ages, building the pipeline for the next generation of innovators. This programming is based on a relationship-centered approach to enable us to function as agents for change by creating content that is accessible for all audiences from K-12 to the general public.

For K-12 students:

We want to engage K-12 students in meaningful, educational experiences that will have an impact in their lives, empowering them to be full participants in STEM innovation. We want to create relationships with students and their families far beyond one-time interactions.

In this technology and data-driven era, students need to develop critical thinking, data and visualization interpretation, and leadership skills. These are necessary for the 21st century workforce. TACC is addressing this need through the development of Camp C3 (middle school) and CODE@TACC (high school).

Camp C3 (Create, Collaborate, Compute) is a one-week, summer STEM program that encourages middle school students to collaborate and compute using some of the world's most advanced technologies.

CODE@TACC is a two-week, summer program that exposes rising high school juniors and seniors to a variety of STEM careers by teaching the principles of high performance computing. The curriculum includes programming, parallel processing techniques, and visualization. Applications open Winter 2015.

In addition to summer programming, TACC provides educational tours throughout the year to increase awareness about the impact of science and technology; get students excited about STEM careers; and help students make the connection between STEM careers and their everyday lives. Request a tour.

For Undergraduates and Graduates:

To sustain the STEM pipeline, TACC provides year-long and summer research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. TACC is exposing these students to technologies that are directly applicable to the world we live in today.

Integrative Computational Education and Research Traineeship Research Experience for Undergraduates (ICERT) — This 10-week summer experience provides undergraduates with the training and hands-on experience in advanced computational systems needed to become a "game changer" in science and engineering research.

STAR Scholars — TACC's STAR Scholars program pairs UT Austin students having a background in computational science with TACC mentors to work on a project of interest to industry.

Please see Academic Courses to learn about additional education opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.