Educates, empowers, and inspires K-12 CS teachers, administrators, professional development providers, and university instructors to realize the vision of computer science for all.

The Expanding Pathways in Computing (EPIC) group at TACC serves as the backbone organization for the WeTeach_CS collective impact network, serving hundreds of districts, schools, and educators in Texas, and across the nation. WeTeach_CS is dedicated to broadening participation in computing for every student regardless of race, gender, income, or location and leverages the TACC's internationally recognized computing expertise to guide strategic improvement in computing education at a state and national level.

2023 WeTeach_CS Summit — Sign Up Today!

The 2023 WeTeach_CS Summit is a 2-day event which educates, empowers, and inspires K-12 CS and Cybersecurity teachers, advocates, administrators, professional development providers, university instructors, and policymakers to advance the goal of CS for All in Texas and beyond. This year's Summit will be held in Houston, TX, at the Hyatt Regency Houston. Approximately 300 CS and Cybersecurity champions will be in attendance.

Why WeTeach_CS

Learn more about how WeTeach_CS can help your school or district build a strong and inclusive computer science program.

Goals and Outcomes

WeTeach_CS educates, empowers, and inspires K-12 CS teachers, administrators, professional development providers, and university instructors to realize the vision of computer science for all.

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Certification and Professional Development

Our programs are helping to increase the number of CS teachers in Texas while improving the quality of CS classroom instruction.

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What WeTeach_CS Provides

Replicating WeTeach_CS in your State

The Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers: Praxis Prep is an online course based on the success of the Texas based certification program. Educators from across the nation including Alabama, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, Arkansas, Georgia and many other states are using this course to help educators prepare for teacher certification. If you are interested in bringing WeTeach_CS online or in-person professional development to your state, please contact Dr. Carol Fletcher.

WeTeach_CS Projects

Learn about current projects including Code.org, Lone Star STEM, CS K12 Pathways, and Texas Teacher Externships Program Grant Recipients

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Learn about a no-cost, one day workshop for K-5 teachers interested in teaching computer science. In-person instruction including an intro to computer science, pedagogy, an overview of the online curriculum, teacher dashboard, and strategies for teaching "unplugged" classroom activities.

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Workshops, Events and Courses

WeTeach_CS plans to offer in-person, virtual, and/or blended workshops in 2023 and will continue to monitor the safety of hosting these events along with guidance from The University of Texas at Austin. If the format of a training is modified, the event page will be updated and any registrants notified.

Workshops & Events Courses

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WeTeach_CS Curricula

Resources created by experienced educators, built for hands-on learning, and aligned to standards.

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WeTeach_CS was founded and directed by Carol L. Fletcher, Ph.D.

The WeTeach_CS team includes the following individuals:

  • Amy Carrell, Director of Outreach
  • John B. Owen, CS Project Manager
  • Allen Antoine, CS Professional Development Specialist
  • Nathalie Beausoleil, EPIC Senior Program Coordinator
  • Judy Lau, CS Professional Development Coordinator
  • Kirby Rankin, CS Professional Development Specialist
  • Sheryl Roehl, EPIC Partnership Coordinator
  • Joy Schwartz, CS Professional Development Specialist