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Director's Office

Dan Stanzione
Dan Stanzione

Associate Vice President for Research
Executive Director, TACC

Director's Office

Arleen Umbay
Executive Assistant
Phone: 512-471-2763

Center Contact Information

Main Phone: 512-475-9411
TACC Vislab: 512-232-5140
Fax: 512-475-9445

Main Offices

Texas Advanced Computing Center
Research Office Complex 1.101
J.J. Pickle Research Campus, Building 196
10100 Burnet Road (R8700)
Austin, Texas 78758-4497

TACC Visualization Laboratory

The University of Texas at Austin
Peter O'Donnell Jr. Building
201 East 24th Street
Room 2.404
Austin, Texas

Leadership Team

Bill Barth
Bill Barth

Director of High Performance Computing

Tim Cockerill
Tim Cockerill

Director of User Service

Maytal Dahan
Maytal Dahan

Director of Advanced Computing Interfaces

Niall Gaffney
Niall Gaffney

Director of Data Intensive Computing

Kally Gaither
Kelly Gaither

Director of Health Analytics

Janet McCord
Janet McCord

Director of Center Operations & Administration

Tommy Minyard
Tommy Minyard

Director of Advanced Computing Systems

Paul Navrátil
Paul Navrátil

Director of Visualization

Matthew Vaughn
Matthew W. Vaughn

Director of Life Sciences Computing

John West
John West

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Full Time Staff

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Staff Name Email Address Area(s)
Abram, Gregory D. Scalable Visualization
Allen, Joe Life Sciences Computing
Allison, Jason User Services
Archuleta, Valori Administration
Arnold, Carrie Web & Mobile Applications
Arora, Ritu HPC Applications
Bailey, Suzanne Administration
Barbosa, Joao Scalable Visualization Technologies
Barnes, Alexander Cloud & Interactive Computing
Barth, Bill High Performance Computing
Beck, Brian Life Sciences Computing
Bland, Marques Project Management
Bowen, Anne Scalable Visualization Technologies
Branch, Laura Large Scale Systems
Brown, Tracy Web & Mobile Applications
Brueschke, Mark Networking, Security & Operations
Bushn, Janie Administration
Cardone, Richard Web & Cloud Services
Carson, James Life Sciences Computing
Carver, David Large Scale Systems
Cazes, John High Performance Computing
Chen, Kevin HPC Applications
Chuah, Joon-Yee Education & Outreach
Cockerill, Tim Director of Center Programs
Cohen, Katie Administration
Collins-Bailey, Mitchell S. Networking, Security & Operations
Cooper, Dave Large Scale Systems
Coronel, Josue Balandrano Web & Mobile Applications
Cunningham, Sean Communications, Media & Design
Dabrowski, Anna Data Management & Collections
Dahan, Maytal Web & Mobile Applications
Dey, Charlie User Services
Douma, Frank Large Scale Systems
Drake, Justin Health Analytics
Dubrow, Aaron Communications, Media & Design
Edeker, Matthew Networking, Security & Operations
Eijkhout, Victor HPC Software Tools
Esteva, Maria Data Management & Collections
Evans, Todd HPC Performance & Architectures
Ferlanti, Erik Life Sciences Computing
Ferreira, Letania Web & Mobile Applications
Fonner, John Life Sciences Computing
Foss, Gregory Visualization
Francisco-Revilla, Luis Visualization Interfaces & Applications
Franklin, Nathan Web & Mobile Applications
Fratkin, Melyssa Industrial Programs
Gaffney, Niall Data Intensive Computing: Data Management & Collections, Data Mining & Statistics
Gaither, Kelly Visualization, Education & Outreach
Garcia, Joe HPC Software Tools
Garza, Bob User Services
Gendler, Karla Project Management
Gentle, John Advanced Computing Interfaces Group
Getz, Jacob Networking, Security & Operations
Gomez, Rosalia Education & Outreach
Gray, Sarah Web & Mobile Applications
Gupta, Amit Data Mining & Statistics
Gurram, Harika Web & Mobile Applications
Halbach, Francois Cloud & Interactive Computing
Hammock, Cody Cloud & Interactive Computing
Hempel, Chris User Services
Hempel, Sean Large Scale Systems
Henriques, Natalie Project Management
Heo, Junseong Large Scale Systems
Huang, Lei HPC Applications
Huang, Ruizhu Data Mining & Statistics
Hunter, Dawn Education & Outreach
Jaffe, Joseph Web & Mobile Applications
Jamthe, Anagha Cloud & Interactive Computing
Jansen, Craig Scalable Visualization Technologies
John, Mary Project Management
Jordan, Chris Data Management & Collections
Kahn, Ari Life Sciences Computing
Kim, Shein Administration
Koehler, Don Networking, Security & Operations
Koesterke, Lars HPC Performance & Architectures
Kulasekaran, Sivakumar Data Management & Collections
Kuritz, Brandi Cloud & Interactive Computing
Lamas-Linares, Antia HPC Software Tools
Leal, Sergio Networking, Security & Operations
Lindsey, Susan User Services Administration
Littrell, Dave Networking, Security & Operations
Liu, Hang HPC Applications
Liu, Si HPC Applications
Looney, Julia Cloud & Interactive Computing
Lu, Albert HPC Applications
Lubbs, Peter Large Scale Systems
Magill, Andrew Web & Mobile Applications
Martinez, Ariel Large Scale Systems
Martinez, Juan Web & Mobile Applications
McCalpin, John HPC Performance & Architectures
McCann, Brian Visualization Interfaces & Applications
McCord, Janet Center Operations & Administration
McLay, Robert HPC Software Tools
Meiring, Joseph Web & Mobile Applications
Mendoza, Nathaniel Networking, Security & Operations
Milfeld, Kent HPC Software Tools
Minyard, Tommy Advanced Computing Services: Large Scale Systems
Mohammed, Ayat Scalable Visualization Technologies
Montoya, David Web & Mobile Applications
Navratil, Paul Scalable Visualization Technologies
Netscher, Frank Web & Mobile Applications
Nobles, Dean Facilities
Ochoa, Jorge Life Sciences Computing Group
Oved, Leah Web & Mobile Applications
Packard, Mike Cloud & Interactive Computing
Padhy, Smruti Cloud & Interactive Computing
Pierce, Suzanne Data Management & Collections
Poindexter, Marjo Web & Mobile Applications
Powell, Je'aime Large Scale Systems
Prochaska, Hedda Communications, Media & Design
Proctor, Cyrus HPC Performance & Architectures
Rocha, Alex Web & Mobile Applications
Rojas, Freddy Networking, Security & Operations
Rosenberg, Jake Web & Mobile Applications
Salazar, Jorge Communications, Media & Design
Schmidt, Kevin HPC Software Tools
Scott, Remy Networking, Security & Operations
Semeraro, Dave Scalable Visualization Technologies
Seth, Akhil User Services
Sharifi Mood, Mahyar Center Programs
Singer-Villalobos, Faith Communications, Media & Design
Snead, J. Bryan User Services Administration
Solis, Andrew Scalable Visualization Technologies
Song, Jawon Life Sciences Computing
Spinks, Michael HPC Performance & Architectures
Stanzione, Dan Associate Vice President of Research; Executive Director
Stelmaszek, Mathew Communications, Media & Design
Storm, Patrick Networking, Security & Operations
Strmiska, Keith Web & Mobile Applications
Stubbs, Joe Cloud & Interactive Computing
Terry, Steve Web & Cloud Services
Tijerina, Sal Web & Mobile Applications
Thorne, Nick HPC Large Scale Systems
Trueheart, Virginia HPC Applications
Umbay, Arleen Administration
Urban, Tomislav Data Management & Collections
Urrutia, Joshua Life Sciences Computing
Vaughn, Matthew Life Sciences Computing
Walling, David Data Management & Collections
Wang, Ian HPC Performance & Architectures
Weir, Collin Networking, Security & Operations
West, John Strategic Initiatives
Whiteside, Garland Networking, Security & Operations
Wise, Valerie Administration
Wozniak, Jo Visualization Interfaces & Applications
Xu, Weijia Data Management & Collections
Zhang, Zhao Data Management & Collections
Zynda, Greg Life Sciences Computing

Student Directory

Student Name Email Address Advisor Area(s)
Bradshaw, Briana Andrew Solis Visualization Laboratory
Gaither, Latrell Andrew Solis Visualization Laboratory
Gonzales, Abraham Dawn Hunter Education & Outreach
Nguyen, Trung Ritu Arora High Performance Computing
Park, Hyungman Paul Navratil Visualization Laboratory
Segler, Justin Andrew Solis Visualization Laboratory
Silberling-Cook, Miles Greg Zynda Life Sciences
Vera, Edilio Andrew Solis Visualization Laboratory
Voss, Joseph John Cazes High Performance Computing