Si Liu

Si Liu

Manager, HPC Applications

HPC Applications Group


Dr. Liu joined the High-Performance Computing group at the Texas Advanced Computing Center as Research Associate in 2013. He has been collaborating with UT research groups, the XSEDE community, and many corporations on various projects. His current research interests include high-performance computing applications, I/O performance, profiling and benchmark, optimization and operations research, data mining and data analysis, and parallel computing.

During 2009-2013, Dr. Liu worked as a software engineer in Computational Information Systems Laboratory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. He made important contributions to establishing the Yellowstone Supercomputing system at the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center, enhancing its performance, and supporting scientific simulation implementation. He also worked as a consultant to provide technical support to scientific computing communities and collaborated with scientists on model development and optimization. He received UCAR's special recognition award in 2011 for his contribution to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Dr. Liu received his Ph.D. in applied mathematics at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2009. His Ph.D. research focused on domain decomposition, numerical linear algebra, and inverse elliptic problems.

Research Interests

Large-scale scientific parallel computing

Performance analysis, benchmarking, and optimization

Computational mathematics, numerical linear algebra

Statistics, machine-learning, and operations research

Domain decomposition methods, multigrid and multilevel methods

Inverse problems in partial differential equations

Climate research and weather forecasting

Selected Publications

L. Huang, W. Xu, S. Liu, V. Pandey, N. Ruiz Juri, Enabling versatile analysis of large scale traffic video data with deep learning and HiveQL, 2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, 2017

C. Rosales, A. Gomez-Iglesias, S. Liu, F. Chen, L. Huang, H. Liu, A. Lamas-Linares, J. Cazes, Performance prediction of HPC applications on Intel processors, Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops (IPDPSW), 2017

S. Liu, R. McLay, D. James, Sanity Tool: Lightweight diagnostics for individual user accounts on supercomputer systems, Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on HPC User Support Tools, SC16, 2016

C. Proctor, D. Gignac, R. McLay, S. Liu, D. James, T. Minyard, D. Stanzione, Lonestar 5: Customizing the Cray XC40 software environment, Cray User Group 2016 (CUG2016), 2016

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S. Kulasekaran, M. Esteva, J. Trelogan, S. Liu, A framework for multi-tasking data-intensive management services in high performance computing environments, IEEE Big Data Service, 2015

S. Liu, J. Cazes, G. Foss, G. Abram, D. Cook, Extremely high-resolution weather model simulation, data processing, and visualization, 95th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, 2015

S. Liu, G. Foss, G. Abram, A. Bowen, Visualization of high-resolution weather model data, Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization, 2015

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S. Liu, X.-C. Cai, Two-level multiplicative domain decomposition algorithm for recovering the Lame coefficient in biological tissues, Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, Springer, 2010

S. Liu, X.-C. Cai, Scalability studies of two-level domain decomposition algorithms for system of nonlinear PDEs, 18th World IMACS/MODSIM Congress Proceedings, 2009

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X.-C. Cai, S. Liu, J. Zhou, An overlapping domain decomposition method for parameter identification problems, Computational Science and Engineering, Springer, Vol. 60, 2008


Ph.D., Applied Mathematics,
University of Colorado at Boulder, 2009

M.S., Applied Mathematics,
University of Colorado at Boulder, 2006

B.S., Mathematics,
Peking University, 2004

Memberships/Professional Affiliations