Robert McLay

Robert McLay, Ph.D.

Manager, HPC Software Tools
Research Associate

HPC Software Tools Group


Robert joined TACC in May 2008 as a research associate in the High Performance Group. Before joining TACC, he was an independent consultant for a variety of clients in the areas of C++ software development, regression testing, and software tools, all related to large parallel numerical simulation codes. Prior to becoming a consultant, he was a research associate in the Aerospace/Engineering Mechanics Department at The University of Texas at Austin.

Areas of Research

Incompressible Flow with Transport in 3-D

Regression Tests for Numerical Programs

Finite Elements

High-Performance Computing

Current Projects

System Regression Testing

Combining Interpreted and Compiled Languages for HPC Applications

Dial-an-Operator Implementations for Flow and Transport Finite Element code in 3D

Selected Papers

Simulation of Viscous Flow with Reactive Species Transport on Large Scale Parallel Supercomputers, High Performance Computing '00 Proceeding, 2000, Washington DC. (with Spencer Swift and G. F. Carey).
Parallel Finite Element Solution of 3D Rayleigh-Benard-Marangoni Flows, IJNMF, 1999 (with G. F. Carey, G. Bicken and W. Barth).
Maximizing Sparse Matrix-Vector Product Performance on RISC based MIMD Computers, JPDC, 37, 2, Sept. 15, 1996, (with Spencer Swift and G. F. Carey).
Finite Element Analysis of Anisotropic Fluid Suspensions, IJNMF, 22, 11-27, 1996, (with G. F. Carey and T. D. Hu).
Finite Element Modeling of In Situ Vitrification, In Situ Journal, Vol. 17, No. 2, 1993, (with G. F. Carey and R. MacKinnon).


S.B. Electrical Engineering,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

S.M. Electrical Engineering,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ph.D. Engineering Mechanics,
University of Texas at Austin