Matthew Cawood

Matthew Cawood

Research Engineering/Scientist Associate IV

HPC Performance and Architectures

Matthew joined TACC in January 2020. He relocated from Cape Town, South Africa. After completing his Masters in computational radio astronomy in 2014, he joined the Centre for High Performance Computing which hosts Africa's largest academic HPC system. He worked in the Advanced Computer Engineering lab, where he was responsible for investigating new hardware and software technologies, conducting performance benchmarking and analysis, system administration and software development as well as various training and outreach projects. He will continue to focus on benchmarking and performance analysis at TACC.

Areas of Research

Technology evaluation

Performance benchmarking

Large scale systems analysis

Selected Publications/Conferences

M. Cawood & D. Macleod, "Performance Analysis of Virtualization in HPC using KVM with SRIOV for Infiniband" in High Performance Signal Processing South Africa Conference, Johannesburg, April 2015.

M. Cawood, C. Cress & S. February, "HI Lightcones using Hydro Simulations" in SKA Pathfinders HI Science Coordination Committee (PHISCC), Rutgers University, March 2015.

M. Cawood & D. Macleod, "Performance Analysis of Virtualization for High Performance Computing" in CHPC National Meeting and Conference, Cape Town, December 2013.


MSc, Electrical Engineering
University of CapeTown

B.S., Engineering in Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Capetown