Kevin "Feng" Chen

HPC Applications Group

High Performance Computing


Dr. Chen joined TACC in July 2014 as a research staff in the High Performance Group. Prior to joining TACC, he held positions at Center for Drug Design (CDD), University of Minnesota, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI), and Rosen Center for Advance Computing (RCAC) at Purdue University. He has extensive experience in system administration, software development and scientific computation in both the area of high performance computing and computer aided drug design. The majority of his current work requires working together with research groups across the country to identify barriers to their computational needs and propose solutions to help them move forward.

Areas of Research

Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Fluid Mechanics

High-Performance Parallel Computing

Cloud Computing

Web Development

Data Analytics

Current Projects

Enhancing HPC Research Using Clusters

Computer Aided Drug Design


Scientific Software Development

Web Portal Development

High Performance Computing

High Throughput Computing

Selected Publications

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Ph.D., Computational Chemistry
Kansas State University

M.S., Computer Science
Kansas State University

B.A., Chemistry
SiChuan University